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Exterior Detail

  • Hand wash
  • Clay bar
  • Polish
  • Wax
  • Wheels cleaned & dressed
  • Windows cleaned

(trucks, vans, & SUVs may cost extra)

An exterior detail includes a hand wash, clay barring, 1 step buff/polish, and application of a wax or paint sealant.First, we inspect your vehicle for any other additional services you may desire. After the initial inspection, your vehicle will experience a complete exterior wash. Your wheels will get degreased as well as any door jams. After the wash, we gently dry off your vehicle with microfiber towels and compressed air. Once dried, all exterior panels will get a clay treatment. This process entails going over the panels with a clay product and lubricant, which removes contaminants from the surface of your vehicle,such as industrial fallout, over spray, and tar. These contaminants do not come off with regular washes. Then all the painted surfaces will get a 1 step buff/polish that removes any minor scratches,creating that ultimate shine everyone desires. To protect that shine, you will get a final coating of wax or sealant applied. Your windows will then get cleaned and your tires, along with exterior trim, will get dressed.
We then anticipate your reaction to your newly detailed vehicle and hope you will enjoy it!